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Top Social Media Trends in 2022

The ways brands and enterprises gain market audience via social networking sites has evolved around the world. Social media has undoubtedly developed in recent years, and it appears that new, fascinating social media trends and functionalities will continue to surface this year. Every company is seeking for new ways to reach a large section of the worldwide social media user base. As a social media and b2b content marketing agency, we’ve witnessed firsthand how businesses can succeed by leveraging current marketing trends. It’s among the most focused strategies to stay relevant in a competitive market. As one of the greatest digital marketing businesses, we solely base our decision-making strategy for each client on the most recent trends. 

Here are the B2B and B2C trends your company should focus on in 2022 as you make your spring cleaning checklist.

Brands invest more in social commerce

When you transact goods or services directly from a social networking site, it is known as social commerce. All of the major social media platforms have made investments in social commercial activity, and this trend indicates that they will proceed to do so in the future.

According to research done on behalf of Sprout Social by The Harris Poll, 73 % of firms are already engaged in social commerce, with % expecting to do this within the next three years. Sprout introduced special apis with Shopify and Facebook Shops as a result of this trend. This, you’ll be able to tag things from your shop without leaving Sprout.

According to Insider Intelligence, social commerce will continue to increase in the next few years. It is estimated that there would be 97.2 million social commerce buyers in the United States by 2023, accounting for 38.2 percent of internet users.

The creator economy matures

The moment is ripe for creators. YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok have all put money into their own creator funds. More than 50 million individuals globally regard themselves to be producers, according to a recent analysis on the creator economy. Although creators are not confined to social media platforms, those that do contribute to the estimated $13.8 billion influencer economy. As the creator economy matures, additional tactics become open to marketers. On Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, micro-influencers with less than 15k followers are benchmarked to have greater interaction rates, offering smaller firms an opportunity to build their visibility.

A social audio strategy was designed by brands. Although audio isn’t new, its prominence on social media has always been. Radio, podcasts, and music playlists are all part of an audio strategy. A social audio strategy focuses on platforms with audio-only capabilities. Clubhouse, for example, was among the industry’s largest leaders in 2021. However, it lost its popularity despite eliminating the invite-only barrier and introducing an Android version. 

Nonetheless, this concept has been also adopted by other social networking platforms. Facebook launched a number of audio features in mid-2021, including Rooms, podcasts, and Soundbites. These capabilities were also made available to help audio makers and give them extra tools for their work. Twitter established Twitter Spaces with the intention of making money off of it. You can conduct audio-only debates or transmit crucial news as a brand. A social audio approach isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a low-cost way to broaden your marketing channels, a tool like Twitter Spaces might be right for you.

Livestream shopping transforms e-commerce

Livestream buying on social media is an e-commerce technique that is gaining traction. The ongoing pandemic accelerated its expansion because traditional retail outlets were less accessible. Consumers prefer livestream shopping since it combines the personalised ambience of the person live-streaming with the convenience of purchasing from home. According to a McKinsey analysis, clothes and fashion accounted for 35.6 percent of livestreams.

All of the big networks have previously implemented or plan to include livestream shopping for viewers. Find out ways to incorporate shoppable content into your social media marketing strategy if you haven’t already.

Short-form videos are valued more

It’s no surprising fact that short-form video will be a social media trend in 2022, given the popularity of TikTok and Instagram’s own declaration of value for video. All of the main social media networks now support the video format of Stories in some way. According to one study, 93% of firms polled gained a new customer as a result of a social media video and claims that over 50% of video viewers will remain towards the end if  it’s under a minute long. 

Fortunately, companies can more quickly access short-form videos than longer ones. Customers are turning to Stories and TikTok videos due to their authenticity and cheap production values.

Social Media Posts as a Form of Currency

Is it possible to buy something with a social media post? Yes, it’s true, and the social media trend is only in its early stages. This was initially seen at MilkUP’s pop-up in Ontario, where buyers were given free limited-edition items from local companies in exchange for sharing on social media. As a result, Long queues and frequently sold-out merchandise become a thing in no time. Similarly, throughout the month of November, Bun Burgers allowed customers to pay for their burgers with “TikTok cash.” This video alone has received almost 6 million views. Bun Burgers gained brand visibility and free user-generated content while TikTokers received free hamburgers.

These types of ads could take off as the world frees up again and brands arrange in-person events. So, keep an eye out.


For businesses, the beginning of the year is crucial. It’s also a good moment to look back on the past year and evaluate strategy, as well as look ahead to future trends. We can’t predict the next TikTok viral challenge, but we can show you to think of the platform as a marketing tool. Social media businesses will invest in livestream shopping, audio formats, the creative economy, and other areas in 2022. Now seems to be a good time to review your social media marketing strategy. To secure the win and achieve success, choose the best Digital Marketing Agency. With our great techniques, Zenerom can help you go ahead of your competitors in no time. To discover more, contact our experienced SMO team immediately.


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